"Blossom & Bloom Music Therapy has helped our son in so many great ways! Our son has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum as well as having a delay in speech. Our sons vocabulary has expanded greatly since starting with Michelle. He makes choices, cognitive skills have grown, he verbalizes his wants and needs, is memorizing the songs we do with Michelle, and is communicating more and more each day. We love that the sessions allow for everyone to participate, as we feel this too, helps our son, as it becomes a family activity and is fun for everyone! We are very thankful for having Michelle do music therapy with our son and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking music therapy services!"  - Chris and Amber 

"Music is essential to life and can be quite healing.  We have experienced this healing in our son's life as he has been working with Michelle for a few years now.  She is enthusiastic and clearly passionate about music therapy.  Jack thrives in his time with her each week, both socially and rhythmically.  His developmental growth has far surpassed our expectations from this type of therapy.  There is much emphasis put on OT, PT and speech therapy but don't overlook music therapy.  It is a treasure.  Michelle is a treasure!  We would highly recommend Michelle at Blossom & Bloom Music Therapy for any child."  - Steve and Nicole 

"We have had the pleasure of working with Michelle Nettle for several years.  I completely credit the early music therapy services we received from Michelle for helping our daughter, Lindsay (who has Down Syndrome), with learning to speak about 4 years ago.  Singing gave her the confidence to speak up.  Then she began to string words together.  She now speaks much like a typical child.  And 'speaking' was just scratching the surface of what we would come to learn would be among the many benefits of Music Therapy.  Over the years, Music Therapy has layered in all the early development skills needed to help Lindsay grow and develop--from teaching her to identify colors, numbers, etc to make her very well-prepared for Kindergarten to the current use of a precorder that is helping to strengthen Lindsay's facial muscles, which helps with eating issues and speech issues.  They use listening and memory exercises with drums that are helping to positively impact Lindsay's cognitive abilities.  Michelle implements OT skills, PT skills, works on appropriate responses and using full sentences, and has partnered with us to work on specific areas that need to be emphasized for school work, etc.  For example, when Lindsay's low muscle tone impacted her ability to write, Michelle did keyboard work with her to strengthen her fingers.  Lindsay LOVES music, LOVES to dance, and LOVES any opportunity to attend any of Blossom and Bloom's camps!  I believe that Music Therapy Services are crucial to any child with developmental delays.  And I would recommend Michelle as the go-to person in Arizona from which to receive these services!" - Janet

"My son Ethan has been working with Michelle for a year in both summer music camp programs and individual sessions.  The progress that we have seen in him has been truly phenomenal.  Ethan has gained so much confidence and self-esteem along with improved motor, verbal and cognitive skills.  He now can participate in school related music and movement activities which previously were frustrating and challenging for him.  Music therapy combines all areas of skills into one session and makes it fun for him so that he does not even realize he is learning.  I cannot recommend Michelle enough!"  - Lucia

"Our daughter has been a private music therapy client of Blossom and Bloom since January 2015.  She has an Autism diagnosis marked by speech delay, gross and fine motor skill deficits and behavioral challenges.  She receives a variety of therapies but her improvement has accelerated since adding music therapy. Our daughter’ responsiveness to Michelle and her program were a welcomed surprise.Since starting music therapy, we have seen a measurable improvement in our daughter’s expressive and receptive language skills as well as improvement in her overall coordination, concentration and cooperation.  In addition to private therapy, we also attended the group therapy sessions offered over the summer.  Added benefits of the group therapy include peer interaction and the demands of additional focus in a group environment, and we have seen significant improvement in these skills as well. We highly recommend Blossom & Bloom Music Therapy Services for both private and group music therapy.  Michelle’s experience with children with a variety of different abilities and her patience and enthusiasm truly resonate throughout her work."  - Shane and Lisa

"Through music therapy my son has increased his overall sensory-motor skills, attending skills, imitation skills and compliance. Through developmentally appropriate music and materials he is making choices and advancing his expressive and receptive language.  His social goals of engagement and eye contact have increased as well, something we have struggled with for years. We have found that most traditional therapies and interventions are a chore to keep my son engaged, however, music therapy has turned out to be a highly preferred and motivating therapy choice for him. Music therapy has been the tool to continually provide advancement and happiness to our son. We are grateful to have such an inspiring, caring and talented therapist such as Michelle who always goes the extra mile by continually learning or implementing new and/or different strategies to help individualize each and every session for the overall improvement and success of our son."   - Trisha, Mother of a son with Autism

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