• Improvements in math, reading, language and reasoning skills
  • Enhancements in creative and problem-solving skills, concentration, discipline and memorization
  • Experience socializing, building confidence, emotional expression, and the ability to self-assess through music

  • Increased self-esteem as students accomplish short-term and long-term goals


​benefits of Piano Lessons

Blossom & Bloom provides piano lessons to typical developing children, as the cognitive and motor skills needed to successfully learn to play the piano require high level skills such as learning to read music, using both hands simultaneously, finger dexterity, and self discipline to engage in assigned daily practice.

The piano is an excellent choice for students looking for an instrument to study as its basic structure allows for many of the musical fundamentals to be learned.

A piano student learns to read multiple lines of music while simultaneously engaging many parts of the body including the eyes, ears, both hands and fingers. The piano provides a unique opportunity for the child to develop tactile/kinesthetic skills and hand-eye coordination as well. Additionally,there is a significant amount of research supporting the fact that the long-term study of an instrument can lead to an array of cognitive, physical and emotional benefits. These include:

equipment and practice

Students must have a piano at home on which to practice. This can either be a traditional or digital piano, but cannot just be a "keyboard," as the piano must have the touch sensitivity of a "real piano," have the full 88 keys, and pedals. Practicing should happen on a daily basis. The amount of time spent practicing will depend on the age and skill level of the student, but can run from 20 minutes for a beginning elementary school student to 45 minutes for an advanced high school student.

Note: It is better to practice a little bit every day than for a long time once a week!
Music needed for lessons will either be purchased by the instructor or ordered by the student/guardian. If purchased by the instructor, the cost will be included on
the monthly invoice.

If you are interested in piano lessons, please fill out the "Request Information for Services" on our Contact Us page.